FIXED RATE with no hidden fees
1,000+ Vetted Pros available
Monitored Service Time
For the first 1.5 Hours
(minimum): CA$130
For each additional half
hour: CA$33
For the first 1.5 Hours
(minimum): CA$180
For each additional half
hour: CA$45
For the first 1.5 Hours
(minimum): CA$180
For each additional half
hour: CA$45
TV Mounting
For the First 1.5 Hours (minimum):
Snow Removal
For the First 1.5 Hours (minimum):
For the First 1.5 Hours (minimum):
For the First 1.5 Hours (minimum):
Furniture Assembly
For the First 1.5 Hours (minimum):
Why Knocknok?
Experienced Technicians & Handymen
600+ trusted and screened technicians and handymen are ready and happy to help!
Both On-site & Online Services
The only platform in the market that offers both on-site support and live online services to cover the entire diagnosis and repair process.
Pay Upon Service Completion & Satisfaction
Your booking payment will be processed only after you confirm receiving excellent service.
24/7 Customer Support Throughout Service Process
Our customer support team is available 24/7. They will guide you and coordinate your booking from the minute you request service until you receive it.
One-Stop for All Your Household Repair Needs
Our platform features 50+ household repair service categories, ranging from appliance repair, home improvement, plumbing and heating, pool maintenance, boat repair, to auto repair. No matter what particular household repair need you have, the KnockNok app will instantly connect you with the handyman with right skills to solve it.
How It Works
Step 1
Click "Recommend me a great Handyperson"
Step 2
Select service category
Step 3
Choose which type of service you need
We Can Help With.....
Appliance Repair
Dishwasher, Microwave Oven, Fridge, Washer/Dryer, Small Appliances, Freezer, AC, Vacuum, Audio System......
Home Improvement
Furniture Assembly, TV Mounting, Remodeling, Door/Window, Security System, Framing, Drywall, Gardening, Flooring
Garburator, Toilet/Faucets, Drains/Sinks, HVAC, Bath/Shower, Piping, Fireplace Water Heater, Heat Pump
Auto Repair
Oil changes & vital fluids, Tires, Electronical Brakes, Steering & Suspension, Mechanical repairs, Diagnostics, Tune-ups
Boat Repair
Polishing & compounding, Waxing, Repair Cleaning, Engine, Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC, Winterize & maintenance
Pool Maintenance
Pool opening, Pool closing, Water treatment, Pool cleaning, Pool chemistry Pump operation, Filter operation
See What Our Clients Say
Helen, housewife with 2 children
"KnockNok saved my day"
"My washer was leaking last week. I was facing water damage when using it. Thanks to Marvin from KnockNok, I had my washer problem diagnosed and fixed the same day."
Piers, new-home owner
"The online diagnosis saved me $150+"
"The app is so efficient and saves me a lot! My dryer won't heat up, and I watched bunches of videos but still couldn't get it fixed. Sam helped me find out the root cause over a video call; it turned out to be a door seal problem that I could easily fix it myself. The app saved me at least $150 from a scheduled visit repair. Awesome!"
Jessica, single mum of 2 children
"The service was super smooth and efficient"
"The service provider, Jason, was very professional. He diagnosed my faucet problem by video call, and then scheduled a visit, and came to my house to fix it next day. The service was super smooth and efficient. Highly recommend!"

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About Us
Gaia Technologies lnc.

Established in November 2019 and located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, Canada, GAIA Technologies is a pioneer in creating an online marketplace for people to trade knowledge and experience.

We launched an app called KnockNok, aiming to connect people who need home repair services with experienced handymen. We strive to reach the globe and build a community of handymen in the near future.