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KnockNok platform allows you to meet customers who need your help at any time and sell your services!
High Income
Become a service provider and start receiving On-site and Online bookings. As a KnockNok Handyman, you will keep 80% of each onsite booking and 70% of each online booking.
KnockNok Paid Membership (optional)
Bonus for each successful invitation
Bonus of each completed online booking
Bonus of each completed on-site booking
Bonus of each completed referred customer's booking
About KnockNok
KnockNok aims to connect people who need quality and affordable home repair services with experienced handymen through the latest Internet technology. Starting in North America, we strive to reach the globe and build a community of handymen and homeowners in the near future.
Services Covered
Appliance Repair
Dishwasher Fridge Washer Dryer Microwave Freezer AC Small Appliance Vacuum Audio System Others
Home Improvement
Furniture Assembly TV Mounting Remodelling Door/Window Secuity System Framing Drywall Gardening Flooring Others
Toilet/Faucet Garburator Drains/Sinks HVAC Bath/Shower Piping Fireplace Water Heater Others
Auto Repair
Oil Changes & Vital Fluids Tires Electronical Brakes Mechanical Repairs Diagnostics Tune-ups
Boat Repair
Polishing & Compounding Waxing General Repair Cleaning Electrical Plumbing & HVAC Winterize & maintenance
Pool Maintenance
Opening Closing Water Treatment Cleaning Chemistry Pump Filter
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