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600+ experienced technicians & handymen
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You can rest easy knowing that our crew consists of well trained appliance repair professionals who have years of experience.
Do you get a dishwasher that won't drain? Or it won't start?
No matter what problem it is, our reliable and trustworthy handymen can diagnose and troubleshoot your machine from just about every brand under the sun.
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Dishwasher Maintenance Tips
Be sure to remove food debris from the washing utensils before placing them in the dishwasher.
Regularly check the levels of chemicals used in your dishwasher.
Change the tank water twice a day.
Regularly deliming the water supply equipment.
It is recommended to follow the user manual before starting a cleaning task.
Inspect the dish racks regularly for debris.
Clean the dishwasher daily from the inside.
Clean filter every 25 cycles.

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