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You can rest easy knowing that our crew consists of well trained appliance repair professionals who have years of experience.
Do you get a washer that's leaking water? Or a dryer that won't start?
No matter what problem it is, our reliable and trustworthy handymen can diagnose and troubleshoot your machine from just about every brand under the sun.
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Top Loading Washing Machine
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Gas Dryer
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Washer Dryer Combo
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Washer Maintenance Tips
Never overload your washer
Don't overstuff your machine with extremely heavy loads. Wash in smaller loads if you get bulky items.
Place your washer on a level surface
Keep your machine on a level surface. Unbalanced washing machine can vibrate and walk across the floor, and can potentially damage the floor and the machine itself.
Clean your machine
Remove any buildup of soap/detergent by running an empty load with warm water.
Proper use of detergent
Only use recommended amount of detergent in cycles. Excessive soap can cause wear and tear on your washer and affect the machine's performance.

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